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It’s always good to catch up with an old good friend

Right, so I guess this entry will be my first restaurant review writing in English, haha, I guess it will always be a good idea to explore something new and I suppose I will be able to pick up some english writing skills if I keep doing this so I forced myself to make a good start in 2013 since I am going to have 2 days off!

I went to a Japanese Restaurant for lunch with a good friend of mine today at Wan Chai since my friend works in Pacific Place and it is kinda accessible for him to come over. We were suppose to go to a Teppanyaki place today but I am not feeling too well so I picked a sushi place as well, a reservation has been made but they only have sushi bar table available since it is fully booked.

The restaurant was empty when I entered, and in fact the setting of the restaurant is plain I would say, we were lucky enough as our seats are not right next to the toilet . They served us with hot tea and refilled it quite often, I am kinda impress with that to be honest. 

Rather than sushi they have different lunch sets available including some donburi sets or udon sets with a few pieces of sushi, price range from $85-$230 which is reasonable enough in wan chai area, it is pretty chilly today so we decided not to eat any sushi or sashimi, instead my friend ordered a teriyaki chicken donburi set and I ordered a Salmon Steak with miso set , both served with green salad and miso soup.

DSC_4045 DSC_4046 DSC_4048

Green salad and miso soup came about the same time, salad comes with some Lettuce, Cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with a japanese salad dressing, the veges are kinda fresh and the taste of the dressing is not too sour for me which is pretty good too!


The miso soup for me is pretty good, I reckon it is not hot enough when they delivered it on the table, and the taste is a bit too light as a miso soup but I found spring onion,tofu and mushroom in my bowl of soup though, in terms of ingrident it is good! Oh well I can’t say it is a bad one but is just not too impressive for me.

 DSC_4052 DSC_4056

While we are half way through finishing our salad and soup my friends teriyaki chicken donburi ($85) arrived, there were at least 6-7 slices of chicken fillets and some pan fried vegetables on top of a big rice bowl that filled with rice, those chicken pieces looks okay , at least it doesn’t look overcooked so hopefully my friend enjoyed it , he was saything that the portion is way too big though therefore when we are finished with our meal there was roughly half of it left in the bowl.

 DSC_4054 DSC_4055

My Salmon Steak with miso set ($95) came in a bowl of rice and a plate of vege and fish, pretty much some pan fried veges and a big piece of salmon steak coated in miso sauce. The veges for me is average, they are lightly seasoned and the presentation was quite bad indeed, the fish was okay and the miso sauce is kinda tasty, but it will be much better if the salmon skin is crispy, the fish itself was juicy enough so I will rate it good but not very good! The rice was done nicely and the texture is good so I manage to finish around 2/3 of it, I have eaten the whole piece of salmon steak except the skin but I have left half of the veges on my plate though.

 DSC_4058 DSC_4057 DSC_4059 DSC_4061

Overall the food is okay and the service was pretty good, at least the servers in the restaurant are really attentive which is really good because it is more or less an essential element of working in a service industry.

Anyways it is really good to catch up with a good friend, and we have some interesting travel ideas in mind today, see if we will make this happen within this year 🙂

Yuyu Sushi  

Address: 3 Ship Street, Wan Chai

Price Range : $100- $300

Ratings (5Cs is the best) : C C C

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