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Post-CNY foodie’s gathering

If you visit my blog in a regular basis, you may notice that we had a foodie pre CNY gathering in RaIronMen , the only one Ramen fine-dining restaurant in Town! And tonight we were invited to PizzaZaza…an Italian restaurant located in Tai Hang…..for this Post-CNY gathering!

DSC_7645 DSC_7750

Dont be surprise when you see the photo below, in fact, the soft toys above are our entry tickets for this party, interesting enough I guess? It all come from a joke but it was great fun to see a whole bunch of funny dollies sitting on the dining table, and these soft toys are all rewarded by a bag of mini macarons (produced by ROLL, edible)

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Bread Basket consist of 3 types of bread and 3 dips! Walnut, crisp as well as the sun-dried tomato favor,and the dips we have the spicy tomato sauce,olive oil+ vinegar! In the mean time, we were more than happy to try the smoke butter created by Chef Yeung from PizzaZaZa!!!claps for him !!! 

DSC_7664 DSC_7665

i love this butter thing so i cant stop eating it, but i have to because we have got a lot to try out tonight,still… i gotta admit that the smoke butter is fabulous!


This meal started with two Refreshing Appetizers:

Seasonal Salad with speck & pear mixed with grape dressing – to be honest I have never tried a grape dressing on a salad, it goes so well with the fresh mixed greens, pine-nuts and pear…a good starter for the meal!


A highlight of the meal is our 2nd Appetizer : Sea urchin mousse with cherry tomato consomme jelly ! Dont rub your eyes folks, YES it’s Sea urchin mousse!!! ? The thin layer of jelly is cherry tomato consomme and some fresh sea urchin and caviar on top! As all of you may notice if the sea urchin isn’t fresh the taste could be extremely awful, and no doubt the sea urchin mousse here WONT let you down! It has a unique texture and it taste so fresh!

DSC_7672 DSC_7674

No wonder Christabel (the owner of PizzaZaZa) said we should have finish one bowl of this on our own rather than to share it between two of us…. oh well, we had a 9-courses menu tonight we could have been too full if we had this one each lol!


2 pizzas came after our refreshing Appetizers, as we mean to be the try out some new products and raise our comments today, the stuff that we had is not anything ordinary that you can find it else where!

Whole wheat dough Coppa consist with Coppa ham, Buffalo Mozzarella, potato and cherry tomatoes. I had dinner in this restaurant before so I have tried the whole wheat dough pizza previously, and it is really crispy if you compare with the original pizzas in hong kong, the toppings are thin slices of potatoes, cheese and coppa ham while the tomato sauce is replaced by cherry tomatoes… it doesnt taste as strong as the normal pizzas as the chef wants us to taste the unique wheat favour.

DSC_7685 DSC_7688

Boss’s Breakfast is the other pizza that we had tonight, from the name of this dish there is no way we can figure out what ingredients are in ! How about some goose liver, pine nuts and salads come with balsamico reduction. This combination can’t go wrong indeed, the pan fried goose liver is crispy outside and juicy inside …. we pretty much just ignore how high the cholesterol is and finish the whole thing!

DSC_7694 - 複製 DSC_7698 DSC_7700

We then have some more carbohydrate after pizzas, it’s time for some pastas !

The Mediterranean seafood pasta that we had are served with a telephone loop shape dry pastas (Fusilli lunghi bucati)! The pasta sauce consist of lobster soup and fish soup, the taste is so strong and it goes so well with the clams, half cook scallops, tender octopus pieces ,fried prawn as well as some greens! The texture of the pasta is al dente and I wish I have space in my tummy to finish the whole plate all by myself! To be frank….. how can I not like this pasta? 

DSC_7707 DSC_7709 DSC_7710

see the scallop? half cooked!!!!so called(溏心)scallop


abalone spaghetti is another new try out for the night! It’s like a fusion dish as it’s probably the first time I saw abalone cooked with pasta, abalone was sliced after 12 hours slow cook process! Those abalone slices taste more like mushrooms in a way, and this pasta is topped with some chili bread crumbs which make this dish very interesting. Sometimes we have fake meat in our meal when we are having vegetarian food, this dish is probably the other way round just because the texture of those abalone slices are more or less some fake veges, lol!

DSC_7715 DSC_7718

Wagyu cheek with risotto is one of my favourite tonight too! The wagyu has been braised and the texture is so tender and since it’s the cheek of wagyu so the taste is really strong too! And the mushroom risotto did a great job too, al dente texture and it go so well with the meat, although not many of us like risotto but I am really into it!

DSC_7722 DSC_7723

Our last dish before the sweet treat is a plate of veal! Pink color inside and brown outside, I am a meat lover so I can just have my thumb on to praise it!

DSC_7727 DSC_7733

We have dessert platters to end this meal: mango naoplean, opera and strawberry foam with raspberry jelly candy! Mango napolean is my all time favourite, sweet mango and crispy pastry is always a good combination! Just that LT was complainting the mango is a bit too sweet and cover up the taste of the pastry and custard cream, lol!

DSC_7738 DSC_7739

Oh I almost forgot about the drink! Goosh, is their signature here!!!! Ice chocolate! I have been here 3 times by now but I only had ice chocolate here the first time!It’s hard to explain with words, especially my english sux, haha, but chocolate lover would love it I bet!


Thanks again for the invitation, it was great fun and rather than trying some new food we could also do a good catch up during the meal!For me it isnt really a tasting event but more or less a friends’ gathering! The atmosphere is cozy and it was really relaxing to chill out in here! In terms of it’s location, it isnt too crowd as the restaurant is located in the tai hang area (although I see people waiting outside this restaurant half way thorough our meal as we occupied half of the restaurant for the rest of the night!)

Operating a restaurant in the Hong Kong market is not easy, not to mention about the cost and expenses, the chefs gotta be innovative and creative and the operation team need to focus on drive up sales revenue, there isnt a ‘sure win’ formula , but I wish with a Passionate owner , a creative chef and a team of professional staff working in this place, Success is not a dream….could be something achievable.

Lastly, thanks again for the personalized diary! I can never imagine I will be given this… a diary book with my own name on! Surprise? One more thing that touches my heart is they have attached some generic version of my business cards into the last few pages of this diary book, and said once we run out of business card by all means there are some spares for us to use if we torn it from the book! OMG! What else can I say? I am speechless!!!!!


Great gathering with a brunch of awesome people!!!


Address: G/F, 7 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang

Price Range: 300-500

Ratings (5Cs is the best) : C C C C 1/2

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