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A decent Vegetarian friendly Japanese restaurant @ Edo Japanese Restaurant

If my pals ever ask me my top 3 favourite cuisine, no doubt Japanese is on the list. With a huge variety of cooking method, I will never get bored of eating Japanese stuff, it was such a great night to eat out with my foodie folks. Sometimes when we eat out with friends, a question always come into my mind is……How if your friends is a vegetarian or vegan? Dining with a vegetarian friend can somehow become a headache, although the Go Green concept is getting popular still it is not really easy to find a vegetarian place that serve decent food items. Since Tai Lo Mr Lau suggested this place and said it is good and worth to make a visit, so we are here for dinner and for a good catch up.


5 minutes from CWB MTR and just right opposite to Ding Tai Fung + Coffee Alley, this restaurant was actually hiding at the 1st Floor of the Boutique hotel right next to the Famous and busy Futago Yakiniku. Walking up the stairs there is a nicely decorated restaurant, pass the counter there is a sashimi counter, we have got assigned to the private room as we have got a group of 5 tonight.

IMG_8093.JPG IMG_8095.JPG

The first dish we had for tonight was the tofu avocado salad. Some walnuts, veges, bonito fish flakes and seaweed was added in the salad together with sesame sauce. It is a mild but yet kinda filling salad. The combination combine all my favourite ingredients for a Japanese Salad, surely made a pleasant start for the meal.IMG_8069.JPG IMG_8070.JPG

Some sushi rolls have also been ordered for our meals tonight


one of them was their signature roll Edo Sushi Roll, it consist of bonito flakes, cream cheese and prawn tempura, it taste good since the combination can hardly go wrong, but wouldn’t be anything surprising or with a WOW factor.IMG_8077.JPG IMG_8081.JPG

The other one is the Eel Roll Yanagawa Style. Well to make it short it is just eel and egg roll. However, I have to admit that the Eel Roll Yanagawa Style is really well done by adding some crispy burdock in the sushi roll, it give us a better texture than an ordinary egg and eel sushi roll.IMG_8078.JPG

Mr Lau also get the chef to make us a few nigiri sushi with chef suggested. Sea urchin and toro is somehow a must eat item for sushi lovers in Hong Kong, personally I like the Stripped Jack as well, no one can resist the temptation of having nigiri sushi with good ingredients! If you love something oily? Then go for Rosy Seabass is not a bad idea too.IMG_8072.JPG IMG_8076.JPG IMG_8073.JPG IMG_8074.JPG

The Hot dish started with the hotate uni tempura (scallop and sea urchin) is also impressive. The sea urchin is like the filling of the dumplings and scallop and the leaf was the skin of the dumplings. The texture is still smooth and we could still taste the freshness of the seafood. No doubt this dish was nicely done.IMG_8082.JPG IMG_8083.JPG

Another hot dish for tonight is called Sweet and Sour Marinated Fried Chicken in Tartar Sauce. It is apparently very famous in Miyazaki and they add vinegar in the sauce which every of the restaurant has their own recipe of the sauce. The chicken is kinda tender so kid would love it with the Japanese Style sweet and sour sauce.IMG_8085.JPG

A pot of Steam Rice with Matsuba Crab has been served as well, it recalls my memory of a korean style rice pot but obviously it it a Japanese one, the rice is has the strong aroma and sweetness from the crab, the amount of water they used are also in an optimum level went so well together with the crab meat.IMG_8086.JPG IMG_8087.JPG IMG_8088.JPG

We have got a dessert platter to end this decent meal, green tea creme brûlée has a very strong matcha taste . The Hokkaido milk pudding is very silky and smooth it almost melt in your mouth.

IMG_8098.JPG IMG_8099.JPG

Just echo to the topic of Vegetarian Friendly in the beginning of this article, one of our friends are having a Vegetarian Kaiseki Meal, and was told it was kinda impressive too, wasn’t the one who ate it but I have got some photos available to share .
Appetizer , Miso and cucumber , tomato and black beans + Salad, vegetarian version of avocado and tofu salad


Assorted Mushroom PotIMG_8075.JPG

Vegetarian Tempura , kumura, egg plant, pepper and ganko nuts!IMG_8084.JPG

Vegetarian Sushi include daikon, pickles mushroom, ginger and spring onionIMG_8090.JPG

And end with a small bowl of soup udonIMG_8089.JPG

Japanese Pear and Strawberry were the desserts of the set menu.

Overall it was a decent meal and the price is more reasonable. Service is attentive and the location is superb for me as it is only 5 minutes away from the Minibus station for me to get home. Heard that there are also some Lunch set to try as well, with a good vegetarian menu my vegetarian friends in Causeway Bay got a better option I guess. Although I think I can never be a vegetarian, I guess having a vegetarian friendly Japanese place simply means that I got a new good options to take my pals out for meals.

IMG_8092.JPG IMG_8091.JPG IMG_8096.JPG

Thank again Mr Lau and PR for inviting us for dinner. Finally a proper catch up with my mates after I am back in town.

Edo Japanese Restaurant
1/F, J Plus Hotel by Yoo,1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay
2643 3033
CCC 3/4