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Sushi Place with New Concept @Sen-Ryo

Sen Ryo? That relatively high end Conveyor belt sushi place? Back in a few years ago I visit their outlets like 2-3time per month.  I still prefer Sen Ryo if I need to go for place that do chain sushi, hang on, a couple of their stores no longer having Conveyor belt sushi, right, thanks MW for inviting, we had dinner their with a group of 10+, separating into 4 small tables, enjoying some of their new dish.


After ordering our drinks (which I had a  glass of Yoichi 10 yrs whisky), we had our first dish – Deluxe Saga Wagyu Beef Carpaccio as a starter. Wagyu are in very thin slices with decent marble, topped with the tangy dressing make it a good companion with my whisky, the beef almost melt in my mouth, it was pretty impressive.

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Raw fish plays an important part of a sushi place, so sen-ryo’s 10th Anniversary Supreme Sashimi Jumbo Platter was our second dish before we moved to their cooked food session. With a variety of 10 types of sashimi (include scallops, crab stick and ebi), we felt so spoiled by this luxury sashimi platter. The black cod and ebi were my pick among these ten, black cod taste real good when it’s cooked, didn’t know it is that good to eat it raw.


Then a huge egg plant has been delivered to our table, it’s in a nice round shape and its huge. We use knife and fork to cut it open, it was stuffed with assorted vegetables and a miso sauce. A nice vegetarian dish to be, the vegetable is relatively tender and carry a strong miso aroma & taste, the egg plant was very filling,to be honest I  didn’t realise it is a vegetarian dish in the first place

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Deep-fried Wagyu Beef Skewer was served, not too greasy with a strong meaty taste, should go well with some beer.

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Time for some maki roll before move into our main course for tonight, we had Seafood Roll & Seared Salmon and Salmon Roe Roll. The seafood roll consist of a good variety of sashimi and vege which help fill up our tummy real quick, while the seared salmon and salmon roe roll is more of a children friendly option.

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Another wagyu dish was one of our main course tonight, Deluxe Saga Wagyu Beef Tartar, they have picked a nice wagyu steak and slice it into 0.8cm thick, this dish is  indeed very tasty with its juicy and tender texture.


Hoba Sangenton seemed to be another piece of creation from the team, not a huge fan of pork when there are wagyu, so I really can’t judge.


The sen-ryo Supreme Sushi Platter was served to ensure we were equipped with carbs, most of the nigiri are their top picks or recommendation, they are good but we are just too full to consume any more sushi pieces.

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Before our dessert time, Tofu in Broth  was served, it was heated in front of us in a small stove,  some hot soup to warm our stomach after consuming some nigiri, rather than serving miso soup, they are innovative enough to do something else out of the extraordinary.


I recall I always order their ice-cream with mochi back in a few years ago, the chef here made us some sen-ryo Homemade Sake Jelly for dessert, sake jelly was mild, and get along well with the ice cream, until we pour the sake into the dessert glass, sake lover would like it, it has a very strong alcoholic taste.


Still it’s sen ryo, but this store, together with the one in taikoo are implementing a new concept, take off all the sushi belt, more cooked item was served to cater client with different needs, at least, I will be more than comfy to take my little niece to this place since there will be more choices for her to eat. Very interesting idea, and being innovative is one of the keys to survive in this competitive environment.


Sen Ryo

Shop B222, B2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

2506 9366