KFC = Korean Fried Chicken @ BBQ Chicken-Premium Chicken

Not until I spend sometime to surf on the internet to look up their official facebook page, I have no clue its apparently the No#1 Korean Fried Chicken Shop, well it doesn’t really matter what the ranking is, as long as it taste good then we are gonna like it. No reservation is available, we grab a ticket and head to starbucks for a quick drink before we head back to wait to be seated. Something interesting to note is they serve chicken from 12:00-15:00 and 18:00-22:00, unlike the other Korean Chicken places that served until late night.


I consume alcohol but never a huge fan of beer, so we decided to get a jar of Lychee Soda, they added a lot of ice cube in it, and the lychee syrup was fine so for drinks I don’t complaint.

IMG_6269.JPG IMG_6270.JPG

It’s pretty late and only two of us were eating therefore we decide to go for something simple.


Jamaica grill whole legs was our first chicken dish, grill instead of fried so we felt less guilty. Two big pieces of chicken steak (leg piece) coasted with brownish sauce, about 1-1.5cm thicken, we sliced it and looks pretty good. The meat is tender and kinda smooth, portion is huge so good to share between 3-4 so we can try more dishes.


Dried squid mari roll was the carb dish that we order. Korean sushi roll is so different from the Japanese Maki. The ”sushi” rice is not as sticky as the ordinary Japanese sushi, the squid and cucumber had made a well balance on the proportion and flavor, mayo was the dip instead of soy sauce, I wont say it is a good sushi roll, but it is definitely a nice snacky sushi roll.


We won’t miss out their fried chicken which is their signature, heard that their secret sauce fried chicken is relatively similar to their sweet and sour chicken , I decided to move on to try out the Honey cereal chicken instead, we really couldn’t manage to order a big portion so we had a regular portion.

IMG_6273.JPG IMG_6274.JPG

The portion is big, more than half chicken, topped with sticky honey cereal and raisin We had to use gloves so we don’t get dirty hands, the honey cereal added an additional layer of crunchiness for the chicken pieces. All those chicken pieces are coated with cereal, and the meat was juicy and tender. It was a very decent plate of fried chicken. There are a few more flavors available so hopefully next time we will be going in a big group so we got to try every single dish.


Our bill came to about $400, which is more than reasonable deal. I really don’t like to queue up for a feast so I wish they will start taking reservations so we can try these stuff out, it was a very long queue, but for good food , it could be worth for a bit of wait.


BBQ Chicken-Premium Chicken

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