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The legendary deep fried pork belly @ Chau’s Congee

What would you usually get for brekkie? Cereals/ Cha Charn Tang Satay beef noodle + egg & ham or congee+ fried noodles ? Most of the time when I travel to taipei my friend will take me to eat soy milk and taiwanese egg pancakes, but my all time favourite, is indeed the Chau’s Congee.


So why so special about Chau’s when we grow up with Chinese style congee? Texture? in fact the congee between HK and chiu chow is very different, most importantly, I am here for their side dish…… deep fried pork belly.


My first visit to this place was back in a few year when I first visited taipei with my friend Eunice, we booked for a day tour with a chauffeur and he took us to this place to let us try out some traditional taiwanese brekkie. That was my first encounter for deep fried pork belly with congee would work. The photo in this entry is form my recent trip with my whisky pals in 2015, so its new, and with 4 of us we gotta try out different types of side dish.


So everyone here will order a congee, one choice really cooked with shrimp and pork, I think I could taste some fried shallot too. It looks like a bowl of thickening soup with rice to me indeed. Very rich in flavours though.

IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6331.JPG

The side dish are located in the kitchen area which you may view it. They got order papers (in chinese only, sorry folks) so you just need to pick what you want and they will deliver it to you.


Chicken came first , a good portion. The chicken we have in Hong Kong is how tender and smooth the texture is, what is in here is a bit different, they seemed to love the chicken meat with more firmed texture, its cold but taste pretty good.


Steam Squid is also a top pick in here, pretty chewy, oh yeah the QQ texture (so taiwanese this phrase. My best friend loves squid maybe I should take her to this place sometime.


We have order some livers too, pig and chicken ones, the chicken one is too tough, the pork one was nicely done soft in texture which means they didn’t overcook it, bet my mum will like it a lot.

IMG_6335.JPG IMG_6328.JPG

So here it comes the Signature Pork Belly again, it comes with a small plate of fermented bean curd (the dark red one), DON’T MISS IT they are so good. The pork belly looks pretty tough but is tender inside, so only the skin is crispy, a little bit of fat enrich the flavor of the whole thing, um…. we decide we can never have enough of it so we order seconds!!

IMG_6332.JPG IMG_6333.JPG IMG_6334.JPG

This place has no service at all and don’t expect it, food is good and only serve brekkie and lunch! I always come very early in the morning to ensure I get to eat what I want and with not much people, heard that is really packed during lunch. It is located in the Ximending area, just that most of the peeps here are locals so tourist probably know nothing about it, I am glad a few of my HK friends know about this place too. Will definitely come back again, the pork belly will be something I am willing to die for. Lol


No. 104, Guangzhou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

+886 2 2302 5588

6am to 4pm (they have irregular offs)