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Airbus A380-800(380)Thai Airways TG600 BKK to HKG [RoyalSilk]

Finally it is my last flight before I complete my 2 weeks Australia, in order to get over Jetlag easily, plus to fully utilize my time, I chose a red eye flight from Melbourne to Bangkok and a morning flight from Bangkok to HK. It was a Boeing 777 for the first flight then the short haul from BKK to HKG is the Airbus A380, I have flying on an A380 in the economy cabin from HKG to BKK in the beginning of my australia trip, lets check out the difference between the 2 cabin, oh well, next time maybe I should try out their first class right?? lol


Seats: 19 KSnapseed-9.jpeg

Meals: Special meal with seafood

Pros: The seatings are 1-2-1, so I choose those window seats (1) with my chair next to the window, I sort of having my own room while I am on the jet, window view plus heaps of privacy. 2 USB port is available for charing phones and other gadgets. Two separate compartments right next to my seat for storage, a very roomy seat overall.Snapseed-9.jpeg Snapseed-9.jpeg Snapseed-9.jpeg

Cons: seat belts are those vehicle type seat belt, which irriates my neck a wee bit. Rather than that I am more than satisfy for this busienss carrier. Oh yeah it will be good if they have got blanket here in the first place, nothing major really.

Flight Meals: While pork noodle with mushroom, western style ommette or chicken rice are served, I have pre ordered my special meal as a seafood meal, Some mashpotatos, peas, tomatos and some steam seafood with veges, include squid, shrimp and fish.

A round of pre drink was served, I got my first ever lychee juice, is a bit too sweet to me but its good to be sugar high isn’t it?


Their tea was really mild, guess those caffine wont be able to keep me awake.

So before my main we have got a fruit plate, a yogurt and our choice of bread and spread. Fruits are fresh (thai fruits are good right?) yogurt is plain but the texture is good, and isnt too sweet. The croissant is better than the one I had on TG 462 just a few hours ago, pretty neat.Snapseed-10.jpeg

The main course seafood dish was okay, the fish was smooth, the mash was good, and I liked the shrimp and squid.Snapseed-10.jpeg

Although I dont really think it is a breakfast , but the food on TG is relatively good by all means.

Highlight about the seat: it is full on adjustable seat, can make it as a 180 degree flat bed to sleep on. There is a message function as well althought it isnt really powerful. They have got 3 standard mode anyways so we can play around with it according to our needs.Snapseed-9.jpeg

A good distant to the monitor and I really liked this individual compartment for the seat. Guess I have picked the correct seat for this flight, how I wish it is for a long haul trip, I slept like a baby haha!Snapseed-9.jpeg Snapseed-9.jpeg Snapseed-10.jpeg Snapseed-10.jpeg

And it can be a perfect work station if you prefer working too!Snapseed-9.jpeg

Conclusion : In terms of service level, I think they are doing really well, staff are cheerful, attentive and helpful, provide prompt responses when we ask for assistance. I love this giantic jet forsure, but the service level and the overall experience makes it a really pleasant trip.Snapseed-10.jpeg Snapseed-10.jpeg Snapseed-9.jpeg