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One of the best Pho in Melbourne @ Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

Not sure if you guys are aware of, many of my friends event my friend from Vietnam said Australia have some premium quality Pho, possibly because of the huge amount of immigrants in the country, many of them will be found in Richmond area of Melbourne, one of my mission to Melbourne this time was to try out the Pho their, my pals recommedned Pho Dung but it is no longer the best in Mel according to my local friends, so I decided to check out Mekong , which is in down town, and apparently Bill Clinton the former US President was there and had 2 bowls of Pho!


I am only by myself so I can sneak in and find a seat there, but you are expected to wait for a bit sometimes.


They do Pho (soup noodles), as well as some a la carte , spring rolls , stir noodles and rice, and people that doesn’t eat beef can do chicken, or do a bit of both if you are a meat lover.


I have been there 2 times, and the first time no doubt is to go for the special beef noodle, which is a combination of raw+cook beef, beef brisket, beef ball, meat roll, Cattle Boye and beef bone marrow. It is a big bowl although it was called a small one, a significant amount of meat, noodles and shredded onion and spring onion soaked in a bowl of soup. And they served the beansprouts , basil leaves and lemon on the side.


So no dount the noodle is super smooth, no MSG I bet and the soup was super sweet and tasty, beef were soooo good, even the cooked beef are very tender, the raw one is obviously , juicy! Bone marrow is good too, I finished the whole bowl of it and had all the soup J


They have the spring rolls in 2 kinds, the deep fried one or the fresh ricepaper roll, the rice paper one was huge, and cheap, it is not too impressive but the sauce was super tasty, a peanut hoisin sauce thing I guess, it was good if I can get the sauce by itself, lol.

IMG_9884 IMG_9880

I had the cendol (3 kinds ) for the drink, the toppings were prepacked so they just get the coconut mix in, similar to the quality in Hong Kong’s viet kitchen.


My full meal for the day ~lol


So it isn’t the end, I manage to dragged my friend to visit this place again! And she taught me a trick on how to make this Pho even more tasty. This time I had the raw beef with bone marrow one.


And the trick it!!!! Hoisin sauce (sweet sauce). After having a few sips of the beef borth, add some sweet sauce and it gives you a complex flavor in your mouth, if you are there, don’t miss it! Oh yeah, and their fish sauce is a must eat too, add those in your soup, even if you try a drop of those fish sauce just by itself, you can tell the difference!


The deep fried spring roll….. not bad, if you need a snack, it is okay.

IMG_0769 IMG_0774 IMG_0775

We also ordered their grill chicken steak…… well, save some room perhaps for some more beef? You get what I mean right?


I have also been to another Pho place by going all the way to Richmond, that one was really good too but this one is the best, as of now. Am soooo gonna hit a few more of these really soon, probably within this year?


Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam湄江牛河屋

Address: 241 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9663 3288


Please see below for the menu: