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My fav Tai Pai Dong returns @ Fu Kee Tai Pai Dong

Finally, Fu Kee is back! It was sad to know Fu Kee was closing after 2015’s mid autumn festival…. Anyways, chef chan is back with his team at the exact location, and they are expanding to 2 shops too. My pals have been there before and tonight we came in a group of 4 again. Oh yeah now they got air-con everywhere, and no doubt it is full house!!!!

Chef Chan is a very experienced chef, and haven’t see him for like months we had a lot of beer, guessing about 10 bottles??


A trial kids meal was served, with a chicken leg, salad and jellyfish! The chicken leg was sooooo juicy! I guess kids are going to like it, especially if they serve it with fries instead of jellyfish!


One of my must eat here is there ….. goose intestines, I know it is not a thing for non-chinese, but they are so good, cooked in perfect texture, and do not miss out the beansprouts, my friends can never have enuf of it. We need to pre order this and you may cook it in soy sauce too, ours are served with a bowl of chili soy sauce separately.

IMG_7376.JPG IMG_7377.JPG

It was my first time trying out their Mantis shrimp, the Deep-fried Mantis Shrimp with Spicy Salt, they added some extra chili sauce in there so those fried garlic and onions were a little bit moist compare to the original version.


If you love fat, then don’t miss out their pork belly, it would be a good friend for rice. They added a significant amount of vinegar and carried a slightly tangy taste. A good to share plate though because there are a lot of must try.


Another nice pick for tonight was the deep fried squid and chives cake, people whom doesn’t like the aroma of chives would still eat it just because it was so good, served with thai chili sauce.

IMG_7384.JPG IMG_7387.JPG

We had a few vege dishes tonight, Sauteed iceplant with dace and black bean was a new try out, very interesting texture, my only criticism will be the sauce, way too watery and oily and there are some room to improve.


Stir fried Mustard Green, kimchi with Spiced Pork Cubes. The secret of eating it ? To eat all 3 things together and it work so well, a complicated layer and texture, and the 2 type of spicy blended well together.


The presentation of this Egg plant with fish cake and meat sauce looked like a plate of steam eel! I had it a few times, and kids would like it and went well with rice, the meat sauce consist of some relatively fat mince with garlic, chili and onion, nothing complicated but definitely had a nice presentation. It was so eye-catching and those tables around us keep asking what was that.


We also managed to tried a few off menu items, I wouldn’t say it is a perfect meal, but definitely valued for money with a really good quality, and better come in groups so we got more choice in one goal. Chef chan is a very creative guy, and willing to do a lot of trial and error and as a restaurant he is very entertaining.


I couldn’t remember how many times I have been this place, but I am coming back again real soon with my pals, we have yet to locate more yummy dishes on their menu! And they have got air-con now so I can even go there during summer now.


Fu Kee Tai Pai Dong

Shop 10-11, Cooked Stall, Lung Hang Estate, Tai Wai