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Hidden Germs s’pore food @ Old Airport Road Food Center

Thanks again to all my pals that took me to all those local food place while I was in Singapore, since a friend of mine is travelling there now and I wanna get her a food list so I gather some of those photos and realise that I should have write A LOT about singpaore which I didn’t since I have been travelling like everymonth. Right, I have got motivations to work on it, so let’s begin with 1 very nice food center, the Old Airport Road Food Center.

After seeing the light show we come in a group of 10+. We have some local friends so he recommended a few shops in this food center, well there are like 100+ so we gotta pick some good ones out of the list.


western barbeque #01-53


The shop may not look attractive, instead they are doing those chicken steak with fries or pork with fries or even mixed grill, we ordered a plate of chicken steak with fries and garlic sauce, the chicken was tender and soft and the garlic sauce was really good, I wouldn’t say it is a must eat or extraordinary, but it is relatively good


Famous Old Airport fried oyster #01-54


Similar to the HK style oyster cake , those in singapore have better oysters and the sauce making it so tasty. This store gives you a good amount of oyster in there, we only had 2 plates but I would have ate one by myself.


Jia Long Delicacies佳龍美食 #01-56

IMG_7408.JPG IMG_7409.JPG

Don’t get districted by the board of fried oysters or shrimps, those wings from this stall was pretty damn good, $1.3 Sgd per unit, reasonable priced.


Yi Fa Kway Chap #01-70



I guess not a lot of you will like it, majority of them are lo shui stuff included pork belly, those internal organs, and noodles, they are chiuchow style lo chui, the noodle is rich, good to share, the intestines, pork belly and eggs are really good.

Snapseed-48.jpeg Snapseed-46.jpeg

Kallang Cantonese Prawn Noodle #01-83


Prawn mien (noodle) is really famous in Singapore, this one cook fresh prawn from the tank and are cook to perfect texture, and fresh prawn can’t go wrong. No doubt they are in good size too.

IMG_7410.JPG Snapseed-47.jpeg

So these are the stuff that we tried out in this food center, we checked out quiet a few of them and next time I will write a couple of them which are more local rather than having a lot of expats. Stay tuned!


Old Airport Road Food Center

51 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390051