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Yummy mochi in the house @ Grimace

I doubt this place will have a proper english name in the near future, right when I see the name it was exactly the same chinese name for Grimace in the Mc Donald family, okay , let’s use it.


I got to know this place when I was dining at fu kee with my pals last week, I asked my frd where we could find good food and he mentioned about this place, saying their black sesame sweetsoup was good and they offered homemade mochi made on the spot.

We were having a picnic in taipo today and I guess it was just a great chance to check this place out, especially it was like 1 min away from the bus stop of 73X to Tsuen Wan.


It was a place that you can only eat at the bench without having any chairs. And I saw there were a few people queuing up for the mochi already.

IMG_7499.JPG IMG_7495.JPG

They came in a box of 3 or 6, we had a box of six, those are made to order with limited supply, she was really good at it , since Joel was with me, the people with the store was really excited of having an expat buying stuff from them, so we had a short convo, all those desserts are made in house with limited supply per day, we happened to buy the very last batch of it, if we are late by 30 minutes, they would have all sold out for today.


The skin of the mocha was silky and thin, topped with a significant amount of sesame, peanuts and sugar fillings. The sesame and peanuts have been toasted and grinded into fine pieces.

IMG_7519.JPG IMG_7520.JPG

We decided to order a bowl of desserts too, I had the black sesame sweet soup topped on black bean tofu jelly, it was so well to have them mixed together, still, just by eating the tofu jelly, you can still taste the black bean flav so well, and it was like $14 for a bowl of them, say $1.8 USD only?

IMG_7503.JPG IMG_7504.JPG

Anyways, stuff are really good and value for money, the mochi master told me those stuff are make fresh and have limited supply per day, well, since it is so close to the bus station, I have legit reason to come all the way again, just for this legendary mochi


Superb food, supreme serviceJ


PS, before they have an English name, I will call it Grimace xDDDDD



Shop E, G/F, 103 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po