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Sushi + Omakase@Raki Sushi

Japanese is always my preferred cuisine, especially for sushi and sashimi, I can never have enough. Thanks Eunice for inviting us to try out their Omakase menu, knowing their chef is from the Kishoku team, I know it just cant go to wrong.

To begin with our meal, freshly make baby fish seaweed crisp was served with mayo, would be better if we have a beer to go with it.


First dish to served is the shima ebi + Shira Ebi with shrimp roes and yuzu skin with vege miso scallop. Freshly made one with a very simple seasons to bring out the freshness of the shrimp and scallop, love it! I am a huge fan of shira ebi!

IMG_8038.JPG IMG_8039.JPG IMG_8040.JPG

The Aged founder with seasalt, tangerine and olive oil is nice and simple, skinned fish with liver and spring onion is a pretty common dish, but the fish liver is a must eat!IMG_8041.JPG IMG_8042.JPG

This spoon full of uni and tofu doesnt have a great appearance, but they have been using the most expensive white uni, homemake silk tofu and making it a perfect ratio, it gives out a very sweet but balanced taste!


IMG_8044.JPG IMG_8045.JPG

No one can resist the temptation of toro, freshly heated seaweed, baby shiso and a mini toro brick will make you feel like you are in heaven! It melt in your mouth!

IMG_8046.JPG IMG_8047.JPG

Knowing lots of ppl do not eat Milt, I love it! Raki produce their own “Milt Tofu” with bonito , Kuzuko egg white with Milt, it has a really unique but very smooth and silky texture, the milt has be blanched sightly which taste totally different from the raw one, remind me of the best grill Milt in a michelin starred restaurant in kyobashi.


The uni rice with japanese hairy crab is a must try, they used cedarwood to wrap the crab legs before served to add an additional layer of aroma on the crab meat, using fresh uni to blend into the rice , served it with hairy crab meat , Tosa Vinegar yuzu crab juice jelly, it involves a lot of special process to create this dish, the chef even process the rice freshly in store to ensure it give out the best flavour when we consume it, with the premium grade uni added in the rice, this dish can never go wrong.

IMG_8050.JPG IMG_8051.JPG IMG_8052.JPG

Monkfish is a common item in omakase as well, monk fish liver with monkfish liver shiso tangy sauce with chili daikon mash with Khumbu, the tangy falvour balance up the rich texture of the monkfish liver.


Moving on to the baby tuna, I think it is more like a performance to see they smoke the baby tuna fish in front of us, it has a very attractive aroma, and went so well with their homemade mustard seed dressing. I am never a fan of mustard, but I ate quite a lot of this.

IMG_8054.JPG IMG_8055.JPG IMG_8057.JPG IMG_8056.JPG IMG_8058.JPG IMG_8059.JPG

Oh right, its time for some hot dish! Especially on such a cold day we need something hot! Abalone soup, with abalone cooked in a vege broth served with abalone liver , chili and herbal sauce. Very interesting cooking , the abalone is tender but I would personally, recommend the soup.


Grilling a few piece if Ginko nuts is a pretty wise idea, they comes in a right time, during the intervals.


We got served 2 main course for the hot dish, the first one was the Deep fried seabeem with fish scales in a fish borth and silky tofu sheets. Just remember we have to consume the soup as fast as possible, I have tried this dish in different places in HK, but only Raki serve it with soup and the soup was soooooo nice.


The duck breast tartare with foie gras and apple mash, onion and japanese onion is more like a fusion style dish, um…. just like a japanese style peking duck 🙂

IMG_8063.JPG IMG_8064.JPG

We had the kagoshima Kumquat to clean our taste bud, it was very sweet and refreshing.


Then move onto some homemade pickles, ginger is always my pick, and we were expecting some sushi afterwards.

IMG_8066.JPG IMG_8067.JPG

5 pieces of sushi was served included cooked shima ebi with homemade shrimp powder, smoked buri with Kohlrabi mash, uni with crab roe paste, kansai style mackerel Oshi Zushi and Konagai, Nagasaki oyster sushi. They are all out of the ordinary while we always have like premium ingredient when we eat sushi, Raki choose to make some rare items and turn them into sushi, we may not like all of them, but that is definitely memorable, believe it or not, I think the oyster one is super impressive.

IMG_8068.JPG IMG_8069.JPG IMG_8070.JPG IMG_8071.JPG IMG_8074.JPG

we still gotta try their soup and signature egg roll before dessert, the egg roll was moist but super rich in taste, all chef have their own way of making this egg roll (tamago roll), this one is rich but fluffy so it isn’t filling at all, save us some room for the dessert.


The soup was good, a very clear soup and keep us warm!


So dessert and fruit to end our meal we had homemade pudding, redbean pudding and wine jelly, they tried to cater the need of local so the desserts are moderately sweet. the pudding was good:)

Snapseed-50.jpeg Snapseed-50.jpeg

We had the apple from Japan after the dessert trio, this apple is extra sweet, the farmers used a special treatment to keep the ripen apple on the tree and to make sure the sugar content dissolved in the apple, we only had one slice each of this apple, i just wish that i can buy a few home to share it with my family!


Anyways, it was a great night with my pals and we had an awesome dining experience in this place, I love counter seats when I do japanese unless I am on a date, we could interact with the chef and thats lots of fun.

In terms of price range they do 3 options for omakase menu, the one we had were the most expensive one but it’s still under 2K before service charge, right it isnt cheap, but if you demand for good quality food and vibes, that is a place you gotta check out.

Raki Japanese Fine Dining

15/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay

+852 2782001ckf