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The yummy soy chicken @ Chiew Kee Noddle House

What are the must eat items when you are in Singapore? Laksa? Chicken Rice? BBQ? Pandan cake? Bak kut teh? There are way too much of choices when you are in town, with my friends recommendation I checked out a noodle place near my hostel in China Town when I visited Singapore.


Chiew Kee Noddle House was the one I visited, this place found in 1949 as a wonton noodle place in the beginning, and the founder learned from Hong Konger and modified its own version of Singaporean Style Soy Chicken, with a thicker sauce and stronger taste, the sauce is relatively more sweet.

IMG_7426.JPG IMG_7427.JPG IMG_7428.JPG IMG_7425.JPG

Having to go there just by myself, to make it simple just ordered a plate of soy chicken noodle. The chicken was smooth and I liked the thicken soy sauce that went so well with the noodle, the noodle didn’t have alkaline flavor so it was good for me. The portion is pretty generous too.

IMG_7422.JPG IMG_7424.JPG

For drinks I have ordered a cold barley water, it was a little bit sweet which fit well for beverages in Singapore.


Well, I love to explore new places, this 1st ever Singaporean soy chicken noodle place, is worth to visit, on top of trying those famous Singaporean dishes too.


Chiew Kee Noddle House

Address: 32 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058339

Phone:+65 6221 3531