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Full load Chiarshi Donburi@ Zuotian Sushi TW

(想看中文的話,要拉下一點喔) (Chinese version is available at the bottom of the page)

To reward my travel buddy (YY) for a long late night to fly over, plus myself finishing up an early meeting after staying up til super late, we went for a place that do pretty neat chirashi doburi, I was kidding, I booked this place before we come over, just because both of us are huge fans of japanese cuisine.


They do omakase at night and set menu for lunch, some of them are with sashimi, and some are cooked version donburi, we picked our own meal at the counter, and the lady start serving us appetizer.


A homemade potato salad with lots of mayo! I make my own potato and egg salad sometimes and every family have their own recipe with almost same ingredients! This one was pretty mild, didn’t add any onion but still taste good, love the potato texture, as I hate mushy potatos unless I am eating mesh.


Pickles were homemade! Very crunchy!!!! The cucumber is relatively too soft for me, after eating all those pickles I was soooo ready for my donburi.


YY’s meal comes first, chef made it on the spot for us (6 bar counter seats only)! She ordered an uni based chirashi don, 3 kinds of raw fish plus a hand full of uni (sea urchin). She doesn’t eat any cooked fish and one kind of fish have been cooked sightly by a gas torch, still she ate it all so I guess she likes it!


Mine was a deluxe sashimi donburi, some highlights for the stuff on my rice was, anago, uni, ikura, kaki, bonito, and other fish too, it has a 10+ type of toppings, and the size was huge for a chirashi don, I had to eat a few bites, ate a few slices of picked ginger and carry on, still took me a good 30 minutes to finish this bowl of rice. The chirashi donburi cant go wrong if the sashimi is fresh.


Soup with fish was served, you will find a lot of fish chunks which I couldn’t finish them all because I was just too full.


Water melon was our sweet treat to end this meal, very sweet and definitely in good quality.


Consider a sashimi donburi only cost us less than $200 HKD each, it was really good value meal, their dinner omakase cost only 2000-3000 TWD which is sightly less than $100 USD, it may be worth while for us to come over again sometime.


Tips for visiting this place:

-reservation is essential

-cash only

– a few minutes from S.Y.S Memoral Hall Station


Zuotian Sushi TW

322, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist, Taipei, Taiwan

+886 2 8773 9986



香港人愛吃日本菜的程度真的不容低估的!除了飛日本外臺灣也是個吃日本菜的熱店,在上引水產、瞞著爹常常都會見到很多香港人,就是吃大腕燒肉、天天富羅、三井日式料理也常會碰到香港來的旅客,要知道飛一回臺北比坐火車番廣州相差其實不大。香港人愛旅行,也間接令這些熱店也經常人山人海! 如果只來個三日兩夜快閃的話,當然想好好利用時間,所以我也喜歡發掘小店,做做白老鼠,這回剛好出差就竟然讓我找到這家性價比超高的料理店! 位置就在國父紀念館站徒步幾分鐘,人流不多,地下一層也只有6個bar counter位置!







店子CP值高是不用說,友人的海膽丼不過$150港幣(580 臺幣),我的也不用$200港幣(780臺幣),說不上是超相宜,但吃海鮮丼食材水準高比價錢更重要吧!雖然沒有瞞著爹三店方便和相宜,但在小店用餐與師傅互動聊天也很不錯喔!服務也很細心,我們都帶著笑容離開的!


想要來的話,要先在facebook訂位!因為除了地上吧檯,二樓也只有兩個小包廂,容不到很多人呢! 這樣的晚餐只供應2000-3000臺幣的Omakase無菜單料理,再來的話也想再來吃吃看!