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Katsu don with soft boiled egg @ Yoshibei Asahi-dori

First stop of this Kansai trip we went to Kobe, my company offered me a free ride therefore we get to Kobe real quick and manage to check in and settle down straight away then we head off to grab a bite, what a late lunch at 430pm.

Mum wanted some sashimi but what I really want was some hot food to filled up my tummy, and I suggested to try out this place for Katsu Don. Pretty Closed to JR Sannomiya Station, about 5 minutes walk from their East Exit,


I ordered a Katsu Don with a soft boiled egg, getting the smallest serve that I can just to make sure I have enough room to try out other stuff in Japan! and Mum got herself the limited version Katsu Don with sesame.


The stuff here were make fresh so it took us a good 10-15 minutes before the food arrives, seats are like Bar counters only and good for people that come over and eat solo.


Mum’s limited version Katsu Don with sesame was served! There was a layer of cabbagein between the pork katsu and the rice probably to ensure the skin of the pork wont go soggy straight away. I had a couple of pieces of the katsu pork from my mum’s rice bowl, the pork that they used have a good amount of fat on the meat so making this pork katsu well balanced and went so well with rice, not using their original thick sauce for katsu don, this donburi came in a light and more soy sauce like taste, which is perfect for mum cos she prefer something not too strong.

Snapseed-55.jpeg Snapseed-57.jpeg

And here it comes with my Katsu Don with a soft boiled egg, apparently some people prefers to have two soft boiled egg for one rice bowl, I gotta admit that I love soft boiled eggs especially the japanese egg ones, but I need to control my intake, so 1 was more than enough for me .


The pork chop that I had is different from the one that my mum had, the meat is lean and in higher density, still it isn’t tough in texture, and went well with the Japanese egg yolk and the sauce, and it was really crispy and went well with the rice bowl and cabbage.

Snapseed-55.jpeg Snapseed-58.jpeg

This restaurant is reasonably priced, the quality of the meat was good enough and isn’t oily at all, it is just a nice cheap eat place with good quality, a foodie love all kinds of food regardless how much it cost, this cheap is place is a place that I would probably visit again.

かつ丼 吉兵衛 旭通店
Chuo Asahidori 5-chome, 1-16 Guraje Sannomiya 1F
+81 078-242-1300