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The legendary tempura master in Tokyo @ Tempura Kondo

I believe my first ever impression about tempura is , deep fried shrimp, egg plant and sweet potato before I learnt about what does that mean by good tempura by trying out various outlets that serves tempura only on their menu. Yet I still have lots of tempura specialty restaurant that I gotta visit in the future, among all those I have been the best one will be Tempura Kondo in Tokyo.

Having the concierge team from Sheraton Tokyo to arrange all our dining reservation, this trip was more or less hassle free for us.This restaurant was hide inside a small building in Ginza, only a few minutes from JR station, superb location.

Snapseed-73.jpeg Snapseed-74.jpeg

They have served 2 lunch set with 6500 and 8500 yen, and we can add on a la carte items, do remember that the sweet potato dish is not included in any of the meal and it tooks 40 minutes to make so better order it when you are ordering your lunch. We were planning to get some a la carte items so we only picked the 6500 yen menu, which comes with (2 prawns, 4 vegetables and 3 fish)


The head of the prawn was served as the first item, it was so crispy, like potato chips.

Snapseed-69.jpeg IMG_9459.JPG

The prawn was really nice too, soft and juicy with a very thin layer of batter.


Asparagus was serve in 3 piece of bite size, i guess the asparagus was a little bit too big so i would say it still taste good but sometimes when it isnt the perfect size to harvest it will end up having some residue after you chew it….. not the best one but probably the only issue throughout this meal.


Mini egg plant was served too, it was soft, tender and not oily, love it!Snapseed-68.jpeg Snapseed-65.jpeg

The fish was in perfect texture, crispy on the skin but juicy and tender inside!

Snapseed-67.jpeg IMG_9466.JPG IMG_9475.JPG


They also served ginger root as one of their vege options, i had it once in Hong Kong and I liked it, Tempura Kondo made it even better!IMG_9465.JPG

The baby onion was great too, the taste of it was so mild and sweet, love it!


After all those lunch menu items we added a few more items, dont ask me about the price because they didnt have it on their menu either!

Sea urchin was wrapped in a piece of leave, but you can see from the photos they have throw in a significant amount of sea urchin in there, and it was a warm , soft and rich flavoured piece of sea urchin, i felt like i was in heaven when i consumed this!

Snapseed-66.jpeg Snapseed-64.jpeg IMG_9470.JPG

We also had a fresh jumbo oyster, so juicy so fresh and the oyster itself was really sweet and creamy, i am drooling when i was typing now.

Snapseed-63.jpeg Snapseed-62.jpeg

Trying to make this experience more unique, we ordered a couple of pieces of abalone as well, see from the photo you can tell it was trimmed from a giant abalone, this one is more on a chewy side but still a very yummy piece to be!.


And before dessert, chef kondo served us with their legendary sweet potato tempura, it comes in a big chunk , so when you come in a group of 2 and you order it , it will be in a big chunk and served it in 2 pieces , of if 3 pax then 3 pieces. I recalled he lets it cool down before he served us so it was hot but edible. The sweet potato is sweet sort and rich just like a hot ice-cream (lol i know it sound funny)

Snapseed-71.jpeg Snapseed-60.jpeg

Anyways, the meals end with some fruits, peach for today! It was definitely a decent nice treat, and funny thing about this place is , although you see lots of chefs running around they only to the chopping and part of the cooking, chef kondo always stays at the kitchen and watch out on the best moment to catch it before those other chefs serve us the food.


This place is a michelin 2 starred place, we end up paying about 15000 yen per person after adding all those expensive seafood items, it isn’t any cheap eats, but for good tempura like this, which i could event call Chef Kondo the legendary tempura master, it was indeed more than reasonable. And eating in good restaurants with very experienced michelin starred chef, the experience for me is priceless.

IMG_9479.JPG Snapseed-70.jpeg Snapseed-61.jpeg IMG_9453.JPG IMG_9480.JPG

Tempura Kondo
Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo, 銀座5丁目5−13
+81 3-5568-0923

Lunch were served in 2 seatings, 1200/1330 i would prefer the 1200 if possible