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A low key fish market @沖縄鮮魚卸流通協同組合泊いゆまち

Havent been able to travel with mum for like years, this time I was with her and her 2 friends, spending 5 days in Okinawa, Japan. Mum wants Japanese seafood and sashimi so badly, so we went to a fish market which is like 30 mins away to let her grab a bite straight after we landed.


We drove there and went into the fish market , which is somewhat like a wet market in Hong Kong, a majority of them are selling seafood, some of them are ready to serve like sashimi, while the rest you can just take them home and cook, our choice was so obvious! Let us eat on the spot!!!!


We gathered all these from a few stalls.


Salmon Roe (if I didn’t remember wrong it is like 680 yen, which is about $8 USD)

IMG_5668.JPG IMG_5670.JPG

Some sushi roll, we just need some rice I suppose, and is like $5 US for a big box? I added some salmon roe to make it more unique!

Sword fish and Hamachi sashimi, we basically just bought a piece of fish and get those folks there to slice it for us.

Fresh from the shell oysters!!!! 4 piece at the price of 1000 yen, say $9USD?


They are not the best but it is still fresh, the texture is more on a crunchy side rather than creamy, and I liked it!



My fav is always the uni that is fresh from shell, is like about $12 USD which is not cheap compare to the fish, but then is fresh from shell and they open it in front of you, packed uni can be good, but freshly opened CAN’T GO WRONG.


The whole feast that feed 4 of us as an adult cos about $60 USD, for this price it could be hard to get fresh seafood like this outside? Despite fish market is a little wet and not as tidy and clean compare to a restaurant, do come visit this place. There are a few more that is more popular for tourist, but I doubt their price and quality will be as good as this one.




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