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Tsukemen Vs Lo mein @ Fujiyama 55

So this place do a little bit of both, Lo mein is to combine everything together with the noodle, while Tsukenmen is to dip the noodle in the super thick and condense soup. Since we are coming in a group of three, we have more than enough room to try a little bit of both.



The first one was the Scallop and salmon roe Lo mien with truffle. From its appearance it’s more or less like a fusion style noodle although it consist of a good amount of Japanese ingredients include, scallop, salmon roe, soft boiled egg and uni (which used to make the sauce). The uni cream sauce was pretty light but goes well with all the stuff, with a sprinkle of spring onion and some truffle, making it a tasty fusion lo mein (aka stir noodle).



The rest of the 2 main dish were tsukemen, the first one was covered by a good portion of sakura shrimp, just like a sakura shrimp pork bone soup bath for the noodle. A fully flavored soup base and those sakura shrimp added an additional layer of texture for the noodle, it was pretty good, apparently this option is targeted to female diners, which is a smart move, the unique aroma of sakura shrimp and its appearance is pretty attractive.

IMG_9579-0.jpg IMG_9582-0.jpg

And the other one was pork bone soup bath with extra strong flavor, which is more for a guy thing, the noodle thickness is different from the one we had for sakura shrimp, which is for the noodle to absorb the optimum taste of the soup. Both of the soup base are very rich and strong , since it isn’t a soup noodle, but a tsukemen.

IMG_9588.JPG IMG_9580.JPG

One thing I liked about this place is the mini stove that they have it on every table, for you to heat up the soup since the soup base would get cold from time to time when we eat, which is indeed a very caring thoughts for guests. I have been told we can order some rice to make it a special congee with the soup base, we were too full for it so we couldn’t make it happen.

Anyways I would say the price range is good, and with thoughtful settings and interesting ideas and combinations, maybe I should try out their seasonal item, ramen with oyster, sometime within this month.


Fujiyama 55

Shop 1, G/F., Progress Commercial Building, 9 Irving Street, Causeway Bay

2363 3334