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Since we don’t live in the main line during our stay in Osaka, mum and I decided to take another route to head back to the Kansai International airport, rather than going via Namba, we went there through Tengachaya. We planned to grab some lunch before we jumped onto the train, so we just tried to wander around and found a local place to eat, just by looking at the decor of this little cafe, we went in without any hassle, the server was so helpful and offered us spaces for luggage.


They offered a good amount of choices, mum picked their homemade hamburger steak as per the server’s recommendation, for me, I though I should pick up some local food, so Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) was my pick today.


Mum’s set came with rice,homemade handburger steak with demi-glace sauce, pickles and a mini salad. The hamburger steak was a bit soft and the demi-glace was condensed, went well with the rice.

Snapseed-79.jpeg Snapseed-78.jpeg

My Omurice was made fresh too, since it was only a small cafe and we sit right next to the kitchen so I can hear the chef beating the eggs! I was drooling when I saw it!cutting it into half I saw it was still runny inside, it was great to have that served with the chicken fried rice in tomato sauce. I have to say the egg was nicely done probably the best I have ever eat, super soft and fluffy.

Snapseed-78.jpeg Snapseed-81.jpeg

The salad was served in a separate dish, the sesame dressing was mild, and the salad was really crispy, a good cleaner for my tastebuds.


For drinks mum picked a coffee and I saw Plum in chinese so I asked the lady what that is, turns out it is a plum soda with their homemade preserved plum.

The preserved plum soda looks like those preserved lemon that we had in cha charn tang, but it was so refreshing, the soda was bubbly and went well with this piece of plum, no syrup is needed, this soda carried a sightly sweet and sour taste, making it so tasty.


For sweet treat before we carry on our journey, mum got the coffee jelly, its japanese coffee taste so it wasn’t bitter at all, came with cream and the crispy pastry so the taste was well balanced.


The cake I had was an apple cake, i thought it was a cheese cake before I had it, since I dont speak japanese so I wasnt able to ask how they make it, but eating those apple bites, and they make it in layers of light custard cream served with ice cream and the crispy pastry, it was definitely a yummy combination.

Snapseed-77.jpeg Snapseed-77.jpeg

Well, we end up spending like 1.5 hrs for lunch in this little cafe and had lots of fun in here, if i am ever coming back again I would definitely wanna try out other dishes, meanwhile, even if you are coming by yourself, there is a mini garden when you are sitting at the bench so you won’t feel lonely, the only criticism in here is that it is a smoking cafe, so if you cant stand it, you probably just cant eat here.

Snapseed-77.jpeg Snapseed-77.jpeg Snapseed-77.jpeg

Price? 3000 yen for two for our lunch today, would have been about 1000 pen per person if we didnt order any sweets and drinks (my soda).

Café MoMo t/s

Address: Japan, 大阪府大阪市西成区天下茶屋2-7-10 1F