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Steam hotpot with a creative twist@ Boat Dweller Steam Hot Pot Specialist

Finally get to meet my brother in law before my next trip, need to do some proper catch up and do a brain storming session, we picked a place that we could possibly stay longer without much hassle, no deep fried food for me , so some steam food would be cool enough.

IMG_9997.JPG IMG_9996.JPG

Hotpot is not my frd until I am fully recovered from my flu, so we made it to a place that do steam hotpot, steam all the stuff we ordered on the spot with a special cover, i had tried a few of these and let see how this one look like then.IMG_0001.JPG

To begin with we had some seafood, giant razor clams with their homemade special sauce.


we asked the manager whats in that sauce since it has a hint of spiciness, apparently they blended it with capsciums, onion and herbs, pretty refreshing but didnt cover the original taste of razor clams.IMG_0026.JPG


The scallop is pretty big, they called is jumbo size which i have had some bigger ones, this one is good enough and went well with garlic and noodles, safe bet right? It can’t really go wrong. The size is similar to an iphone 5s, really not bad indeedSnapseed-82.jpeg

Moving forward we had sticky rice with preserved sausage and diced abalone! The sticky rice was chewy but not tough and blend in so well with the preserved sausage, the diced abalone was in correct texture and it was a good combination despite the portion is relatively big for a group of 2.

IMG_0044.JPG IMG_0047.JPG

The meatball combo consist of squid, shrimp, pork and beef, not sure if it is homemade but it was a decent one.

Snapseed-82.jpeg Snapseed-82.jpeg

We really need some veges so as recommended by one of the restaurant staff, we picked the Crystalline iceplant with mince pork, since the mince pork is pretty strong in taste (aka salty), so the whole thing is relatively strong for me, but still it is good to consume more veges.

IMG_0021.JPG Snapseed-82.jpeg Snapseed-82.jpeg

We ordered a plate of Wagyu beef as well , probably not japanese one but the marble of the fat was great, it doesn’t melt in our mouth but good enough for us to consume it, there wasnt any seasoning so we can finally make use of the sauce that we mixed at the sauce station.

IMG_0020.JPG Snapseed-82.jpeg

Just like some other hot pot place, there is a sauce bar for us to craft our own sauce mix, since most of the stuff we ordered are seasoned we didn’t really make use of it.


To end our meal we had some watermelon, it was sweet, will be nicer if it was chilled.


Nice evening to speak to my bro in law, we finally manage to meet up again!


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