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Tai Pai Dong with Air con @ Gi Kee

Usually when my friends visit me from overseas, i would take them to some traditional places or fancy restaurant with local food, and then my japanese friend told me he want to go the down to earth side of travel, so we came up with the idea to take him to this place, thanks YY for suggesting this place indeed, i have been here once but somehow i loved it, so no doubt we are hosting our friend here!

Came in a group of five with 2 guai lo and one japanese, choosing a place with air conditioning is a safe bet, and i know it is a very smart move:)Its still down to earth in terms of the environment, just that we dont need to sweat like a puppy. We just pick things randomly from the list except we pre-ordered the crispy chicken.

The first dish was golden prawn, lol salty egg yolk prawn to be exact, the staffed offered us the version with no shell so my expats pals are happy, i would say it isn’t impressive, more or less i would say acceptable.
My boss picked the spicy and sour soup, which i didnt have much of expectation, it turns out to be in the correct texture, and i liked it, but i am still wondering why would they add ham pieces in the soup? um….. interesting.
The razor clams is huge, the source is a bit too sweet but the razor clams itself is tender and juicy, wish we use another method to make this dish it may be much nicer.
Moving forward we have their famous crispy chicken, we only get half chicken since we need to save more room for other dishes, the skin is crispy and not fatty and the meat is still tender, in my top 5 crispy chicken pick in hk for sure.
And steamed scallop with garlic, it is good , but i am too used to those giant scallop, so wish that i have order 2 scallop each instead of one.
We still ordered something else but i forgot what I have ordered on top of that, overall the experience is still good, we were paying about $250 per person which we would regard this as very good value for money, given that the food is good, service is attentive and with good air conditioning, it is definitely an enjoyable evening with my pals
Gi Kee
Shop 4, Cooked Food Centre, 2/F, Wong Nai Chung Municipal Services Building, 2 Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley