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Trying out the famous 10 layers sea urchin delight@ S2 Kitchen

Went to this place for a meeting a few days before my departure to Tokyo, alright, I have no clue why we had to dine in a Japanese restaurant , just right before I hit Japan again, but I heard that they have a very famous and eye catching item , a 10 layers sea urchin glass, it may still worth giving it a try.

So we ordered 2 sea urchin delight, which contains 10 layers of fresh ingredients in every of these champagne flutes. Sea urchin, crab meat, salmon roe, ebi, sea grapes, caviar, mince tuna and nori, since it was called sea urchin delight,there were 3 layers of sea urchins in this item and they have put in a generous amount of sea urchin there, it was great.
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We had some sashimi to go with our sake, shima-aji with truffle, the aroma of truffle was great and match the sake that we had for tonight, a good option if you prefer something strong and unique.
After having some white fish sashimi, we had a couple of pieces of Tuna Cranium, a very rare item with a strong taste of tuna but the texture is very similar to O toro, very yummy but it is more than to sufficient to have just one piece, since it is relatively thick.
We ordered some yaki items on the menu too, the Yaki Quail Egg! It was a soft boiled quail egg was yummy, they marinated in advance before put it on the grill, it was a great one! I know it isn’t a healthy item, so I don’t usually eat this, making an exception for this yummy treat.
The steak cube with XO sauce was an interesting one, it was good, the meat was in good quality, so for me having xo sauce is not the best approach but grilling it with salt and pepper would be a better option rather than having something strong like xo sauce. I personally liked the xo sauce though, but could be a better option say pork belly?
I have too much of alcohol so I couldn’t remember what else I have got that night, it was a small shop and the place is not spacious, but I can tell the chef has put a lot of effort and willing to listen to our comments, although I didn’t rememeber what I said to him when he asked me. Heard that they have a modified sea urchin delight, oh well, S2 means to me – A small but special place to dine. I should be back again real soon.

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S2 Kitchen

Address: 51 Wellington Street, 51 Wellington St

Phone:2885 8803