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The korean rice cake toast @The Dal Dal

checking out new places on my day off is something fun and its good to chill out with some foodie frds as a companion. 


On a casual thurday we went to the Korean Street to get some Korean dessert and we head to a place called The Dal Dal, interesting name indeed! We ordered some fruit drinks ,and then a couple of desserts. 

Melon Ice is something not to miss especially during a hot day like this, Melon Snow Ice was so good! The have a melona stick, melon ball and milky melon ice placed in half a melon, the melon was so sweet and the ice was silky, definitely a decent cure for the hot weather. 


We also ordered the Honey Injeolmi Bread, A toast with rice cakes, covered with bean power and served with ice-cream, just that it wasn’t a very common option so I guess it may worth to give it a try and see how it taste like. It was definitely a surprise for us. With the bouncy texture of the rice cake and the bean power covered the toastie, making it a very yummy and unique flavor. Some honey on the toast is good so it won’t be to powdery when we consumed it, the ice cream is good but somehow we can live without it , probably we had too much of the cold stuff when we consumed the melon ice. 

Snapseed-87.jpeg Snapseed-87.jpeg

We ordered 2 100% Real Fruit Ade, The blue lemonade has a very pretty color, not much of fruit taste of course, and the one that my friend had was the mango Ade, it was so rich in texture that we would rather have more soda water to make it more balanced. 


It was a small store but we liked it, I should be back for the toast real soon. 

The Dal Dal 

Shop A, 15 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon