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Bumped into the hand drip master @ Fusuku Coffee

Although it was my first time travelling to Fukuoka, since I have got a travel companion with me so we decide to stay in an area where local leaves, not anywhere close to Hakata or Touristy place in town, with a bit of luck I bumped into a coffee place, and that shop should probably be around my age, the next morning while we were on the way to the fish market, we saw a cafe, well it really didnt catch my eyeball but then Avis my pal suggest to give it a try, so we went in for a drink before we head off for lunch.


It is a quiet little cafe but you can see a lot of different dripper and coffee cups and coffee maker, operated by a young coffee barista, they offered a good variety of hand drip .

IMG_7760.JPG IMG_7761.JPG IMG_7759.JPG

I had Fusuku san to pick me one and Avis is not a fan of black coffee so she got a latte.


The one i had was an ethiopia medium roast, It has a very unique aroma with a sightly bitter taste but not sour at all, the aroma is sharp and refreshing , freshly made by Fusuku san, a nice coffee plus a quiet and relaxing environment, all I want to do is to stay there for a few hours, have a drink and do some reading to spend my day.


We tried to communicate with Fuzuku San with our limited language, while coffee is our language we could share a lot of coffee stuff and it was real fun and we made use of an iphone app to communicate. And afterwards we realise that Fusuku san indeed won the 2nd runner up for 2016 hand drip championship, and he is indeed 2 years younger than me.IMG_7764.JPG

I am a little regret I almost miss this place , with a bit of luck Avis insist we should check this place out, and end up we manage to try out this awesome coffee place, and get to know a real friend. And at the end, i bought 800g of coffee beans from his place and sharing with my pals.


And, on the day I leave, I spend 2 hours enjoying breakfast in his place, the hotdog was so good, and the homemade soup was real nice made with sweet potato, and yeah, the breakfast was made by Fusuku San too, 850 yen with breakfast and coffee, this quality is super value for money.

IMG_7875.JPG IMG_7873.JPG

Planning on my next fukuoka trip already, and this place is definitely on my list.


FusukuCoffee | 福岡”珈琲研究所”

〒810-0031 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, 中央区谷1丁目12−30
+81 92-406-7745