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Timón Seafood Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Having to meet my pals again close to my office is just awesome, especially I have long working hours I don’t tend to travel long way to meet up with my pals for dinner unless for special occasions.


To begin with, we had albert adria’s sangria and some Cava to make a start for tonight. What so special about the Sangria? It was hand crafted by Alvert Adria’s recipe, I liked the aroma and the balance of the drink, I almost couldn’t stop drinking it.


52 month Iberico ham is on the shelf for us, I would say it match so well with the Cava, the pig feed with 100% Acorn until it reaches about 180kg, the melting point of it fat is like room temperature. It tasted really nice, not too salty , went well just by itself, or with tomato toast, love it!


The smoke eel was also in “thick cut” like 1cm pieces. A very meaty dish and taste really tender. The bone is also edible and the smokey aroma and taste was a real deal, I liked it to go with the Sangria too although it is a red.


Gazpacho is a common dish in Spainish cuisine. Some fish has been added to the soup so the texture is more rich,it is refreshing still and enhance our appetite.


We also had some vege dish to serve,well probably the only one we had tonight, was the Padron Pepper, nothing fancy, but something cant go wrong.


Before we go for our main course we also had a trio toastie, avocado crab meat is standard, the whie anchovies with piquillo pepper was in a good balance. Out of all these I liked the Mediterranean Sandine with Escallivada. I was never a fan of Sandine, but the Sandine here was impressive with its unique aroma.


We had 2 mains for tonight, the Iberico Pork was cooked in Medium Rare , juicy and tender without any doubts, I would have finish the whole thing by myself.


The Paella was also a highlight for tonight, the rice absorbed the taste of the seafood , I would say it was creamy enough but not too moist. The seafood were cooked in perfect texture so make it a “cant miss” paella.

Snapseed-88.jpeg Snapseed-88.jpeg

The location is pretty quiet which is good, like it for a place for chilling with friends and the price range is somehow reasonable, about $500 per pax with this quality, I am planning my next HH with my pals already.