(Hong Kong Eats)Yue – CNY Pudding + Dinner

Having been back to Yue for a while, especially 2016 has been a crazy year for me , i have been out of town almost every single month and finally 2017 is my time to slow down, since i have got an invitation from an old friend to invite me to this place for a tasting and I already liked the stuff here no doubt i said yes! The purpose of this dinner is to try out come LNY pudding as well as some of their signature dishes.

IMG_5475.JPGFoie gras with barbecued pork and ginger jelly 法國鵝肝金錢雞
We had this dish to begin with, the portion of the foie gras is huge! It was good as the texture was really move, but would be better if the foie gras is thinner, adding an extra layer of ginger jelly is smart though, i dont feel as greasy when i ate this with the jelly. It is a traditional chinese dish with a little bit of fusion twist, and I enjoyed it.IMG_5480.JPG


Pan-fried white Turnip pudding with conpoy, dried shrimp and preserved meat, steamed white radish cake with mane mushroom, morel and porcini 粵品蘿蔔糕、珍品蘿蔔糕

Savoury LNY pudding time! there is a traditional version and the mushroom one is the vegetarian version! The turnip pudding was in good texture, personally i like the one with mushrooms more than the ordinary one, guess my vegetarian friends are gonna like it.

IMG_5477.JPG IMG_5481.JPG

Smoked chicken rolled with mullet roe in fusion of fragrant tea leaves 煙燻鳥魚子雞卷

Personally I like smoked meat and this one with the mullet roe making it a dish with very strong unique taste(in a good way), would go so well with some bourbon or whisky though since the mullet roe is so strong. They did a really good job of pairing it with a thin slice of pear, the chicken roll was dry and the pear gave a little bit of moist, like it!

IMG_5482.JPG IMG_5483.JPG

Double boiled with morels, sea whelk, fish maw and silky fowl 羊肚菌螺頭花膠燉竹絲雞湯

I saw more meat, sea whelk and mushrooms more than the soup! It was a really “sweet” soup and the flavor was sooooo rich, the meat was so tender, so different from those meats that we usually found in soup, and it definitely is a remedy to deal with cold weather and keep us warm.


Braised fish maw and chicken in yellow wine花膠黃炆雞

The sauce of this dish can make a super yum noodle dish i bet. The chicken is still silky, as per the captain the sauce of this dish was made with a whole chicken, no doubt the sauce will be very “sweet” and with a good amount of collagen!

IMG_5486.JPG IMG_5485.JPG IMG_5487.JPG

Poached mini shrimp dumplings with seasonal vegetables in broth 上湯小雲吞浸菜苗

The chef wanna make sure we have got some fibre on top of all the meat dishes that we had so he prepared some poached with mini wonton, the mini wonton is good and filled with shrimp and pork (nom nom), the veges was very smooth too and a good light dish before we get some desserts!


Sweetened lotus seeds with almond cream蓮子杏仁茶

Didn’t manage to try the sweet puddings because i was in a rush to see my c-hing from uni, but then i had the almond cream, i would say this one is okay , not saying it is bad but a little too watery for me.


Overall it was a great night to catch up with some old friends, and to enjoy some good food together! I am not a big fan of those festive stuffs, but then CNY give us a good excuse to do some reunion:)


Finally, I havent yet to try their chestnut pudding but I was told it was made with 80% chestnut paste, guess it must be good! And if you happen to order LNY pudding before 16Jan2017 with a minimum of 3 puddings, you are getting a 15% discount. You may contact +852 2806 4918 for more details

IMG_5476.JPG IMG_5478.JPG IMG_5479.JPG