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(CK Recipe) Brown sugar ginger jam –自製暖身薑茶醬(中英對照/Bi-lingual)


Having to enjoy a day off on Sunday , I decided to make some Taiwanese style brown sugar ginger jam. It is easy and you get to make what you want to throw in, I enjoyed making these kind of sauce or jam on my own to my friends, and so I share my recipe here!



薑 一斤

糖 600g (黑糖200g,紅糖400g)

What you need:

Ginger 600g

Sugar 600g (Darker color brown sugar 200g, Normal brown sugar 400g)

IMG_5873-0.jpg IMG_5876.JPG


You will get about 600-700g of end product!


製作方法 The process

先把薑用明火略燒 Heat up those ginger on the pan , for like 15secs each side

把薑件去皮 peel of the skins

其中550g薑用食物相處理器打成蓉/手磨打成蓉 mashed 550g of the ginger


剩餘的薑件切成幼粒 chop the rest of the ginger in small pieces

把糖與薑蓉下鍋,以小火慢煮至杰身(我的煮了接近30分鐘,因爐而異) bring the ginger solution and sugar to boil until the texture of the mixture is thicken and sticky


裝進已消毒的玻璃樽,放雪櫃儲存 store them in the glass jar and throw them into the fridge



When you want to drink some ginger tea, 1 serve of ginger jam and 8 serves of hot water works the best, but you may adjust according to your preference.


Tips: Do consume them before noon. Finish the whole jar within 2 months