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(HK Eats)(photography)怪獸大廈與太安樓 monster bldg & Tai On Bldg (中英對照/Bi-lingual)

寫了好幾年的文字分享,我想最高興的是認識了很多人!當中有一些會是人生中的過客,有一些會成為談得來的朋友,部份會成為交心的好友,或許正是這些人來人往,才令我們的人生滿有色彩吧! 早前相約了友人D想要跟他學照相,他說起了鰂魚涌怪獸大廈,我們就找了個星期五晚上給伴去拍!

It has been a few years since I do blogging, one of the most valuable thing being a blogger is that you gonna meet a lot of people during your blogging journey, some of them they appeared in your life and they are gone, some of them they become my friend, and a small group of them become your lifelong friends. D is one of my good buddy, we managed to spend a Friday night doing some photo shoot at the E Shape monster building then get some supper at Tai On Building.





Monster Building “ consist of 5 buildings that was build back in the 1970s, they “sticked” together and it looks like a big “E shape” and the Patio become a hot spot for photo shooting. Especially after “Transformer 4” had a shot with this scene. I am a newbie for photography, but then under D’s supervision I manage to took a few shots that I like, and we managed to meet a new Canadian friend Andrew! I can’t wait to meet him in Tokyo next month.

IMG_5836.JPG IMG_5837.JPG IMG_5838.JPG IMG_5841.JPG IMG_5840.JPG IMG_5842.JPG IMG_5835.JPG


We went visit our friend then head to Tai On Building to grab some supper, it used to be a common lunch spot of me when I work in Taikoo, we didn’t manage to eat a lot, but there are a few places that worth to Visit



筲箕 灣 道 57-58 號 太 安 樓 商場 A12 鋪

Lam Kee Kart Noodle (Shop A12)

The green sign with white background, if you dare to try the internal organs of an animal, the pig lung is good, otherwise, chicken’s wing tip, beef brisket and the pork belly are good stuff!

IMG_5847.JPG IMG_5855.JPG IMG_5848.JPG IMG_5844.JPG IMG_5845.JPG IMG_5846.JPG

+5°C 手抓餅專門店


筲箕 灣 道 57-58 號 太 安 樓 商場 A34B 鋪

+5°C Taiwanese Pancake(Shop A34B)

Their fried chicken and pancake are pretty solid!




筲箕 灣 道 57-58 號 太 安 樓 商場 A34D 鋪

Right next to the Taiwanese pancake place, red sign with white background, if you dare to try , then the deep fried intestine and deep friend thousand year egg are something new for you otherwise, they have got a pretty good variety for you too.

IMG_5850.JPG IMG_5852.JPG IMG_5851.JPG



筲箕 灣 道 57-58 號 太 安 樓 商場 A28C 鋪

The Satay Guy ((Shop A28C-no English name, but you should see the queue)

IMG_5853.JPG IMG_5854.JPG



The fishball guy (I don’t know their shop number, and they close early like 7-8pm, but you should see the queue,their satay sauce is to die for)



西灣河 筲箕灣道57-87號太安樓地下A32B號舖

The Hainan chicken place (A32B, close at 9pm), my friend recommended this place



So Tai On House does look a big doggy, but its like an authentic HK style place to visit, perhaps for some photo shooting too


We are gonna be back again for the shooting again, but our strategy will be heading to Tai On Building for some early dinner then walk back for the photo shoot, then we will get to eat the fishball with yummy satay sauce, then when we are back to the Patio of the monster building then more people should be back with their lights on, I guess the outcome of the photos will be much better than this one.


Direction to Tai On Building : Right opposite to Exit A of Sai Wan Ho Station.

Direction to Monster Building: a 5 minutes walk from Quarry Bay Exit B (1028 Kings Road )