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(HK Eats)北正宗 Ha Noi Vietnamese Cruisine (中英對照/Bi-lingual)


Manage to hang out with the Ng’s couple for dinner tonight because of the rice crisps, seems these kind of yummy goodies becomes a bridge for us to hang out ! I always believe that the tech help us to simplify the communication process, but it is also a huge obstacles to block us from meeting face to face and having proper interaction, if possible I prefer some sort of face to face catch up while we can. Heave heard some good comments about this viet place, so we decide to grab our dinner here, this place better to drive , public transportation in this area is relatively weak.



We ordered a lot so we didn’t manage to finish them, this place is small but packed, one thing I like about this place is the lighting, makes it much easier for us to shoot some photos.

IMG_5915.JPG IMG_5916.JPG


To begin with our meal we had the lotus rhizome salad with shrimp and pork, it was a refreshing dish overall we liked it, but then the pork belly was too plain and for us I would say without the pork it would still work out.

IMG_5921.JPG IMG_5922.JPG


The rice paper roll with fresh shrimp and pork mortadella was relatively disappointing, no surprise and they didn’t wrap it nicely so it was pretty loose when we tried to grab it, no need to order to be honest.

IMG_5917.JPG IMG_5810-1.jpg IMG_5919.JPG


The steamed crab in young coconut was a surprisingly good, the soup is very sweet, and it really has a significant amount of crab roes, and the texture is prefect, thumbs up for this dish really.



I decided to order Vietnamese style spicy fresh coconut sauce with sea snail, I would say the sauce is very sweet and creamy, but didn’t seem to blend in well with seafood, perhaps it will be better if it cook as a chicken stew.



We had some fried veges as we all need some fibre, well I wouldn’t say it is bad but not as good as we expect, the vege is a little rough in terms of its texture .

IMG_5924.JPG IMG_5925.JPG


Lastly we had the classic Vietnamese style braised pork belly fresh coconut sauce, apparently everyone say it was good, I would say it is a good braised pork belly if it was made a little more smooth on its texture, but there isn’t any coconut taste in this dish, so I would say it is rather disappointing.



Anyways, not every dish was good but then the crab was definitely a highlight for the night, I would not come here all the way for this place, but I could possibly come back if I come pass by this area.


北正宗 Ha Noi Vietnamese Cruisine

Address: 87 King Fuk St, San Po Kong

Phone: 2780 6080

Avergae Spending: about 40-50 USD per person