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(HK Eats)An authentic Bánh mì making in progress- Cô Thành

It has been a while since we had our “dinner for two”, finally we can make time to meet and I have been craving for a good Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette) in Hong Kong after my Viet trip early this year so I suggested to go visit a newly opened viet resto in Central.

While there was a queue for 3 , two of us could manage to fill in the last table at the counter for 2, i wanted to try both the noodle and the Banh Mi so we decided to order two bowls of noodles and then a Banh Mi to share, together with some beer.

The Banh Mi ($88) was made fresh in front of us at the counter , they spread some Pâté and mayo then they add in the assorted cold cuts (i dont know all those names, but they look familar to those i had in HCM city) then pickles, cilantro, spring onions and fish sauce to follow before they serve, the chef that prepared the Banh Mi asked if we like it , and we realise that the pork floss can be added upon request. Similar to my fav one in Banh Mi Huynh Hoa , they replaced lard with their homemade mayo which added a little bit of acidity on the bun, i didn’t like that additional fav, rather than that it was the real deal, i will remember the pork floss next time though, and perhaps i will bring some chili for them to add in for me. If the one in Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is the authentic one, then i would say it is a 85% authentic one in here!

除了主食,我們先點了一個越式法包Banh Mi($88)分享!微暖的麵包,塗上肝醬,蛋黃醬,各式切肉,再加上醃菜,莞茜和魚露後切半奉客(也可一開三)用上自家調的蛋黃醬醋味有點重,除此之外其實真的甚有胡志明市殿堂法包店Banh Mi Huynh Hoa的影子,廚房那位負責人笑說肉鬆可以特別要求加的喔,要是再加上點辣椒,再把蛋黃醬換上薄薄的豬油,大概就可以重現那份美味了吧!

We both had Bun Bo Hue ($98) as our “main course”, while beef is the key! Unlike everyone is going after Pho Bo for viet cuisine, they decide to sell something differently to stand out from the crowd. A sightly spicy beef broth topped with noodles, some fatty beef, beef ball, a sausage and beef brisket, they topped with lemon grass, fried garlic and spring onion before they served.

I have to admit we are not a fan of that thick cut meaty beef brisket, and the beef ball for us is a little too fluffy , unlike those I had in viet before, that sausage however was the highlight of the dish and the toppings was a key to success for this soup. I guess I may try something else for main in the future if I come back next time, but I would say this noodle was nicely done.


The Saigon Special ($48) was smooth enough, I wasn’t a fan of beer but tomorrow is my day off so let’s chill for a bit with beer:)


I think we were a little too talkative so at the end of our meal the owner came and asked if we liked the food, we had a short chat about vietnamese cuisine and I think this guy has been working hard out to make their production more on the authentic side, he is passionate about what he is doing and willing to take comments.

The bill turns out to be around $420 , oh yeah you can have the Banh Mi in Tim Kee for half of the price and cheaper deal in somewhere else, but for this price point , location and quality I would say it is a place that worth to come.

也許是我太多話了,離座前負責人走過來問我們食物水準如何,和他聊了一陣子,原來他也有另一家店,同時也是個愛吃之人,知道他們的風格是朝著做傳統風味的方向走,實在很難得,希望他們早日埋班做出更多好吃的料理吧!為了那個Banh Mi我是會再回來的喔!

Cô Thành

G/F, 2-4 Kau U Fong, Central