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(Lodging)[Nara, Japan]Mikasa Ryokan

Happened to be in Nara again after a few years, this time we decided to stay for a night and I am so lucky my companion is taking care of all the hotels and stuff so i just have to relax. This Ryokan has been picked and we booked via Relux. It was around 400US for a night so with our dinner and breakfast included. And a little highlight about it is that we can dine in our room because we got allocated to a room with nice view:)

Close to the kintetsu Nara station, there is a place that you can drop all your bags there and the ryokan will help you to transport it to your room, which i found it really handy. we just go walk and shop without our suitcase and that make life much easier for us. Shuttle bus service is provided at both Kintetsu Nara station and JR Nara station, unless you are driving there, otherwise having the shuttle can pretty much make us hassle free.

Our room located in 2nd floor , which is also the entrance floor of the Ryokan, when we went in we just passed our passport to the staff for the check in and then we got arranged to wait at the common area to enjoy some freshly made matcha while they are doing the check in for us.

Dinner was served by a few ladies and the dinner we had tonight , kaiseki ryouri (かいせきりょうり) was served, since we have choose a pretty neat plan for our stay, therefore we got to have the Iga beef as two of our main dishes. The menu we had was a 13 course menu included a plum wine (Umeshu) to start the meal. We had starters, soup, sashimi, stew, a stone grull, tempura, sukiyaki, rice, pickles, 2nd soup, fruits and desserts. The amount of food will definitely fill you up, but be prepared it will be a good 2hrs for consuming your dinner.

After meals we had a break before we go for the onsen. There is no private onsen or private rental ones so you have to share it with people with the same gender.

Rules for onsen? It’s pretty easy, to shower and clean yourself, enjoy the onsen, cool down and shower before you go back in or change from one onsen to another. This place do a gender change for 2 different onsens every morning, so if you are up early enough, you can probably enjoy 2 types of onsens during your stay.

After resting for a night, we took some pics at our mini balcony first.Stunning view!

Then we go grab our brekkie before we check out.A huge one to consume to be honest!

It was a very nice stay and we were surprised that there was a chinese speaking staff that made us feel welcomed and comfy, i would want to come back to this place again and this place is a decent place for a traditional japanese ryokan stay experience.

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