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(HK Eats)北正宗 Ha Noi Vietnamese Cruisine (中英對照/Bi-lingual)

因為沙頭角的柴火炒米通,所以我有很多機會和身邊人見面,雖然有電子產品方便了人和人間的溝通,但同時又阻礙了很多直接見面互動的機會,一月沒有其他旅程,就正好找機會多與朋友見面就好,早前說過要吃北正宗,所以就開車過來吃了! Manage to hang out with the Ng’s couple for dinner tonight because of the rice crisps, seems these kind of yummy goodies becomes a bridge for us to hang out ! I always believe that the tech help us to simplify the communication process, but it is also a huge obstacles to block us […]

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(CK Recipe) Brown sugar ginger jam –自製暖身薑茶醬(中英對照/Bi-lingual)

最近幾天又轉涼了,上回在臺灣沒有買到合心意的薑茶磚,就決定自己做就好,中午前都是飲用薑飲的好時機,自己製作可按喜好調教份量,也可自己挑選食材,製作也相當簡單,有興趣的話不妨一試 Having to enjoy a day off on Sunday , I decided to make some Taiwanese style brown sugar ginger jam. It is easy and you get to make what you want to throw in, I enjoyed making these kind of sauce or jam on my own to my friends, and so I share my […]

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(HK Eats)(photography)怪獸大廈與太安樓 monster bldg & Tai On Bldg (中英對照/Bi-lingual)

寫了好幾年的文字分享,我想最高興的是認識了很多人!當中有一些會是人生中的過客,有一些會成為談得來的朋友,部份會成為交心的好友,或許正是這些人來人往,才令我們的人生滿有色彩吧! 早前相約了友人D想要跟他學照相,他說起了鰂魚涌怪獸大廈,我們就找了個星期五晚上給伴去拍! It has been a few years since I do blogging, one of the most valuable thing being a blogger is that you gonna meet a lot of people during your blogging journey, some of them they appeared in your life and they are gone, some of them they become my friend, and a […]

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[Coffee](Taipei)1-Terra Coffee (中英對照/Bi-lingual)

It seems to me I couldn’t energetic for the whole day unless I have sufficient coffee intake, too used to hand drip since I do my own, so i really need some good quality ones to keep me awake and happy 🙂 慣了每天也要以咖啡吊命,不然就會很累,旅行期間也是不例外呢,最喜歡都是手沖咖啡,幸好在臺北還是很好找 C & J also wanted some coffee after our brekkie, we happened […]