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(HK Eats)(photography)怪獸大廈與太安樓 monster bldg & Tai On Bldg (中英對照/Bi-lingual)

寫了好幾年的文字分享,我想最高興的是認識了很多人!當中有一些會是人生中的過客,有一些會成為談得來的朋友,部份會成為交心的好友,或許正是這些人來人往,才令我們的人生滿有色彩吧! 早前相約了友人D想要跟他學照相,他說起了鰂魚涌怪獸大廈,我們就找了個星期五晚上給伴去拍! It has been a few years since I do blogging, one of the most valuable thing being a blogger is that you gonna meet a lot of people during your blogging journey, some of them they appeared in your life and they are gone, some of them they become my friend, and a […]