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3-layer Tray Rack Dessert Cake Display Stand



3-layer Iron Cake Stand Dessert Plate Multilayer Cake Display Stand Afternoon Tea Wedding Party Fruit Candy Storage Tray Rack
Feature:1.Practical for Use: In this fast-paced era, it is exciting to meet a beautiful and practical iron cake stand, suitable for storing cakes, daily necessities, etc.2.Fine and Magnificent: Acacia is not easy to lose shape, rarely warped, and has unique mountain-shaped patterns. The texture is fine and magnificent, and the light is abnormal.3.Safe Material: Ceramics are lead-free and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, healthy, and have good thermal stability and strong acid resistance.4.Smooth and Comfortable: The iron three-layer rack is smooth and comfortable to grip.
5.Quality Material: Compared to other woods, acacia features stronger corrosion resistance, less prone to mold, buried in the ground can not rot 
for thousands of years. · And acacia wood can not rot for thousands of years. In addition, the acacia wood has a hard texture, and it has a fragrant Nanmu wood. Its wooden cabinets can store clothes, books, calligraphy and paintings to prevent insects. Not only is it not easy to deform, it is rarely warped, but also has a unique mountain-shaped wood grain, fine and magnificent texture, and abnormal light. The surface of the newly cut wood is yellow with green, and it will emit a scent of fragrance when it rains.
Specification:Name: Fruit PlateMaterial: stainless steelColor: three layers of acacia, ceramic white, ceramic greenSize: about 23.5*23.5*15.5cm/9.25*9.25*6.1inNordic iron cake stand: fractal design / natural acaciaProduct process: High temperature firing, manual weldingProduct color: white, green, acaciaPacking List:Fruit Tray Rack*1Note:
The wood is made of natural materials, with different textures and colors. Scarring is also a natural habit. It is not a quality problem.


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